Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, Trinka Lat is based in Berlin, Germany, where she is a practicing set decorator and production designer for film and television.  With over 15 years of industry experience in the art department and film production, she continues to seek out projects that push the boundaries of storytelling.

"My job is to create a vision for a story and build a design framework for it while working with the unfortunate but necessary limited production parameters. I love that I get to expand the world beyond the script -- tasked to explore all possible means of physically representing concepts, ideas, characters and evoking emotions.  My goal is to work with beautiful and meaningful stories with the right collaborators who are dedicated to pushing solutions to make interesting things happen. I love the wide range of decisions involved in production design and I see every opportunity to tell stories through architectural details, wall colors; furniture, textiles, patterns, and lighting. Even a 4-day old sausage left lonely on a kitchen counter can tell a story."

Trinka's work however is not just confined to the visual and decorative elements in film. She is a filmmaker, director and multi-media + sound enthusiast as well. As the curator of the First Reel Phlippine Film Festival Berlin, she is also actively innovating collaborations that bring transformative content to the Filipino diaspora and other communities of color.

She continues to explore all kinds of adventures in sound, image and space.


Mobile Number: +4917656976634


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