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"I love exploring characters and their headspace and expanding that world beyond the script. The challenge of creating new realities and making decisions on how to make this happen are what I love about the craft of production design. I use every opportunity to explore the range of emotion through architectural details, patterns, colours, lighting and furniture. My goal is to collaborate with filmmakers who want to push the boundaries of the imagination."


Born and raised in the Philippines and now based in Berlin,  Trinka Lat graduated Cum Laude in 2002 with a BA in Communication Arts at the Ateneo de Manila University, with a focus on advertising and audiovisual production. She started the film production company Brainchild Six and started producing, directing and editing image Films, tv commercials and music videos for their Manila and Asian-based international clientele.  She expanded her filmmaking by taking up production design at the Mowelfund Film Institute soon after.  Since 2003, her producing and directing practice has guided her design journey with a lot of learning by doing - traversing several spheres by designing music videos, features for cinema, television and streaming services and an array of TV commercials and narrative shorts.

With over twenty years of industry experience as a production designer, set decorator and member of the art department, she seeks out projects and teams who share the same passion and vision for creative world building. 

Trinka Lat is also a producer, writer, director and multi-media + sound enthusiast. She is the curator of the First Reel Philippine Film Festival Berlin, which aims to bring transformative content to the Filipino diaspora and other communities of color.


She continues to explore all kinds of adventures in sound, image and space. 


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Mobile Number: +4917656976634


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